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Trial lawyers support Alabama Republican judicial candidates

The so-called "Ten Commandments slate" of candidates for the Alabama Supreme Court apparently heeded an 11th directive while raising funds for Tuesday's Republican primary: Thou shalt get thy money from trial lawyers.

Seven high-profile law firms that specialize in suing big corporations and typically support Democrats contributed $935,000 to the campaigns of Republicans Tom Parker, Pam Baschab and Jerry Stokes, according to an Associated Press review of campaign finance disclosures filed Thursday.

The lawyers did not give directly to the candidates' campaigns. Instead, they gave money to a series of political action committees, or PACs, which in turn donated to other PACs that passed the money along to the candidates.

The gifts made up significant portions of the three candidates' bankrolls about 44 percent in Parker's case, and more than 98 percent in the cases of Baschab and Stokes. -- Parker, Baschab, Stokes get nearly $1 million from trial lawyers (AP via AL.com)