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Ohio fails to regulate outside groups' judicial ads

The Ohio House approved 32 bills on Wednesday in a final whirlwind session before lawmakers bolted town for a long summer break. ...

But when voters are watching what is sure to be a seemingly endless string of political ads this fall, they are likely to be reminded of the bill that didn't pass.

Legislation that would finally allow Ohioans to learn who is paying for all those nasty Supreme Court ads run by third-party issue advocacy groups was bottled up in a House committee for the last remaining weeks before the summer break.

For those not familiar with these groups -- they are the ones responsible for Ohio leading the nation in spending on state Supreme Court races. They collect unlimited anonymous donations and run scathing ads that often distort a court candidate's judicial record. -- Lack of action means more anonymous Supreme Court ads (Gannett News Service via coshoctontribune.com