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Judge accused of hiding campaign loan from her partner

A [California] Superior Court judge convicted of misdemeanor drunk driving last year now faces eight misdemeanor campaign finance charges as the result of a disputed loan that came to light during her first trial.

Judge Diana R. Hall was to be arraigned Tuesday in Santa Maria Superior Court on charges of failing to properly report a $20,000 campaign loan prosecutors say she received from her domestic partner, Deidra Dykeman, during her 2002 re-election campaign. ...

The $20,000 came to light during trial testimony that Hall had reported it as a loan from herself in order to keep her relationship with Dykeman private.

Prosecutors say Hall deposited a check from Dykeman into her bank account, then used the money as part of a $25,000 loan she made from herself to her campaign. They say she also failed to report that she was repaying Dykeman by covering her lover's share of their monthly mortgage payments. -- Judge convicted of drunk driving now charged with campaign violations (AP via MontereyHerald.com)