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Candidate tries to stiff printer by claiming an unreported campaign contribution

Larry "Kite" Johnson said he will probably appeal a Justice Court decision that he pay a Carroll County [Mississippi] printing company for campaign materials the Leflore County supervisor used during last year's campaign.

Justice Court Judge James L. Littleton Thursday ordered Johnson to pay Mississippi Printing Co. $1,092.18 and $54 in court fees in a lawsuit filed by the firm's owner, Robert Hardin Jr.

Hardin said he printed 15,000 campaign cards for Johnson in July of 2003 and never received a payment. ...

Johnson claimed that the cards were a donation to his campaign and that Hardin did not send him a bill for more than eight months after the work was done.

Although the law requires that any campaign contribution over $200 be recorded in the candidate's campaign finance report, Johnson said he did not report Mississippi Printing's contribution because he was not made aware of the cost of the cards the company printed for him. -- Supervisor likely to appeal decision on printing charges (Greenwood Commonwealth)