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Does the "paid for by" line have to be in English?

A radio station [in North Carolina] temporarily suspended broadcasts of a commercial for a Republican congressional candidate who rails against illegal immigration but then signs off in Spanish, including the salutation "Yo, Gringo!"

WSJS-AM said it made the decision over the holiday weekend because it was unclear if the sponsor was clearly identified in the otherwise-English ad for candidate Vernon Robinson. The ad contends the prevalence of Spanish spoken in the United States can make English-speaking Americans feel like they're in "The Twilight Zone."

Only the final line is in Spanish. After "Yo, Gringo!" -- a contemptuous Spanish term for Americans -- the rest translates to "This episode of 'The Twilight Zone' was paid for by Robinson for Congress."

The commercial was returned to the air Tuesday with the English translation. WSJS manager Tom Hamilton said all political ads were temporarily suspended while the problem with Robinson's ad was resolved. -- Radio station suspends pro-English ad (AP via Boston.com)