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"I've never gotten a chicken dinner from Mayor Hahn"

Three Los Angeles attorneys, including prominent lawyer Pierce O'Donnell, have been charged with making illegal contributions to Mayor James K. Hahn in his 2001 political campaign.

O'Donnell faces 26 misdemeanor charges of making contributions in other people's names, which could result in a maximum sentence of 13 years in prison. O'Donnell allegedly gathered $25,500 in contributions for Hahn's campaign -- in order to comply with the legal limit of $1,000 per contributor -- and then reimbursed the donors, in violation of state law.

O'Donnell said Tuesday that his was not a case of pay-to-play -- the exchange of political contributions for government work.

"I never got a chicken dinner from Mayor Hahn," he said. -- Prominent Lawyer Charged With Making Illegal Gifts (Los Angeles Times)