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What to do about Nader? Jerry Goldfeder has this suggestion:

But persuasion may not be enough. A New York election lawyer by training, I instinctively think that Mr. Nader should not be given a free ride. He should be required to comply with the law in order to have his name on the ballot, especially in the 17 swing states. In other words, he should have his petitions checked very carefully.

Make sure he has the correct number of valid signatures; make sure all the signers are eligible voters, and make sure the voters are registered from the addresses they put on the petitions.

Most Democrats are not fond of challenging petitions. It seems undemocratic. Maybe it's because I live in a state that has about 50% of the nation's election-law litigation that allows me to easily urge that Mr. Nader be required to fully comply with the law.

As politically incorrect as it might seem, therefore, if Mr. Nader wants to attract votes in an election that promises to be hair-splittingly close, let him earn his place on the ballot.

If he hasn't complied with a state's election law, Democratic election lawyers should demand that courts knock him off. -- No More Mr.Nice Guy (New York Sun)