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End-runs around campaign finance laws

Prof. Michael Froomkin had a neat little post last week about the use of highly-partisan movies to skirt campaign finance laws (Movies as a Campaign Finance Law End-Run). The basic idea is to make a partisan movie, such as Michael Moore's virulently anti-Bush film Farenheit 9/11, and then advertise the heck out of it prior to an election. The 30-sec trailers for the movie could be as effective as campaign commercials as anything the candidates and the campaigns "officially" run. As Froomkin notes, this will be a "loophole it will be next to impossible to close." -- The Importance of...: Broadcatching as Political Reform


See this great voting machine demo!

Right now a software programmer is working for one of the many new voting machine companies.

Do you believe that this "honest" programmer would ever insert secret vote rigging code into that company's voting machines knowing that he would never get caught?

Nah! Never happen!

On the other hand if you don't still believe in the "Tooth Fairy", maybe you should click on this link: