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Church pleads the First against campaign finance complaint

A [Montana] Baptist church asked the state political practices commissioner Thursday to dismiss a complaint over an event it hosted supporting a constitutional ban on gay marriage.

The complaint was filed last month by Montanans for Families and Fairness, a coalition formed to oppose the ban.

The group accused Canyon Ferry Road Baptist Church of violating state campaign finance rules by failing to report its use of "in-kind" resources for a May 23 event urging support for Constitutional Initiative 96. ...

The church contends that applying such laws to churches stifles free speech and religious freedom, and says the investigation has discouraged other churches from collecting signatures to put the proposed ban on the November ballot. -- Church asks for dismissal of gay marriage complaint (billingsgazette.com)


Dear Editor,
I am shocked at the pettiness of the gay rights activists who call their coalition Montanans for Families and Fairness. This coalition filed a complaint against a Baptist church stating the church violated state campaign finance rules by failing to report its use of “in-kind” resources for a May 23rd event urging support for Constitutional Initiative 96. Constitutional Initiative 96 is an initiative to keep marriage between a man and a woman. In other words, the gay rights activists are harassing the church for holding a meeting that opposed their agenda. I can only surmise that they used this back door method in hopes of causing intimidation and fear. This sort of philosophy of opposition is the same that is used by groups like the Mob and other terrorists. These are the kind of people who won’t fight you toe-to-toe but instead will beat up your grandmother.
From now on I cannot take the Montanans for Families and Fairness coalition serious. They stand on what they claim is moral high ground but attack from the low ground. They claim they are fighting social injustice but attack a their opponent’s finances. Are they that desperate? Maybe it’s worse than that. Maybe they don’t understand basic right and wrong. If we all did what they’ve done then the courts would be full of people suing people over issues that aren’t even the issue. You’d see a neighbor suing his neighbor for his tree limbs crossing over the property line because his neighbor stole his newspaper.
If the gay rights activists want a true victory then they need to stick to whatever they perceive to be their moral argument. If they cannot win on this level then they’ve lost anyway, even if they win. Matter of fact, we’ll all lose if that’s the case.
When I was a young boy growing up in Montana one of the first social lessons I learned was that you don’t fight dirty. I soon learned that dirty fighting was for cowards and, as we all know, coward-ism is a great moral weakness. Personally, I would never back a group with such obvious character flaws.