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Judicial candidates violating the campaign rules in Michigan

Some of the men running for judge locally [in Michigan] appear to be breaking the rules of the bench on the campaign trail.

Judges and judicial candidates can't serve as treasurers for their campaigns or let family members do so, under state judicial rules -- the idea is that judges shouldn't be shaking down donors -- but that's the case in three campaigns. ...

They're not alone. The Charlotte-based campaign finance newsletter Warchest recently reported that some 30 judicial candidates in Michigan acted as treasurers themselves this year. -- GOP chair faces criticism for ethics, endorsement snafu (Jackson Citizen Patriot)


it isn't clear if these rules survive minn. gop v. white, which allowed judicial campaigning.
as a former candidate for judge, i've never seen these rules as much more than a smokescreen.
if a judge is for sale, why does it matter whether the money was handled by a bagman rather than the judge herself?
i liked the way the article used the term 'rules' rather than 'law'; not all rules are lawful.