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Kos sez Republicans are putting Nader on the Arizona ballot

Consider as rumour until verified, but this has been a solid source in the past.

42 Democratic volunteers in Phoenix are currently checking Nader's Arizona petition signatures. Nader needs a 32 percent bad signature rate to be knocked off the ballot, and so far, after 2,000 checked, the rate is 37 percent.

Of those 2,000 signatures, 5 percent have been Democrats, 3 percent "other" or independent, and 92 percent Republican. If this number is verified, and if it holds up over the full 22,000 petition signatures, it will be a clear indication from where Nader's "support" comes. -- Daily Kos || Political Analysis and other daily rants on the state of the nation.

In case anyone needs it spelled out: Nader on the Arizona ballot will hurt Kerry's chance of carrying the state.