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Nevada to Nader: no veep is a no-no on the petitions

Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader appeared to be just a few hundred signatures short of making the ballot in Nevada, but supporters found out this week they'll have to start over.

Nader supporter Stan Vaughan said he has gathered about 4,800 signatures to put Nader on the ballot, just short of the roughly 5,000 needed by July 9. ...

But the secretary of state’s office cautioned Vaughan on Monday that state law requires that petitions to put a third-party candidate on the ballot must name both the presidential and vice presidential candidates.

Nader doesn’t have a vice presidential nominee yet, so Vaughan’s signatures easily could be challenged if he were to submit them, said Steve George, spokesman for Secretary of State Dean Heller. -- Nader supporters starting over (AP via Reno Gazette-Journal Online)


The Nevada group after collecting over 7,000 signatures in a second petition effort says it will not submit them now as a result of Nader selecting a VP with Communist ties and has switched endorsement from Nader to Libertarian badnarik/campagna ticket and now urging Nevada's 166,000 Independents to instead of Nader to vote Badnarik