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"America does not stand for torture"

America does not stand for torture. That's not what this country is about. Our country is a refuge for the oppressed and tortured. If torture becomes national policy, what kind of plan must God have for us? -- Garrison Keillor, Prairie Home Companion, 12 June 2004.

I was in the car when I heard Garrison say that, so I may not have the quote exactly right. While we all have read statements by the high and the low justifying the torture, I think there's a large majority of Americans who will flatly reject torture as national policy. Is this a meme that Democrats can use to win this election?

Every Republican candidate should be asked these questions:

1. Do you support torture as a method of getting information from prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan?

2. If it turns out that the President of the United States authorized the use of torture in Iraq and Afghanistan, would you support his impeachment?