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Issue ad disclosure killed, for now, in Wisconsin

[Wisonsin] Representative Spencer Black has written to two Democrats on the State Elections Board to express his extreme disappointment with their votes to kill a key campaign finance reform measure. Black asked the two Democrats to reverse their votes and support reform when the measure is considered again at the September Elections Board meeting. The board defeated the reform measure on a 5-3 vote last month. ...

The proposal, modeled on the McCain-Feingold law, would require groups that run ads about candidates in an upcoming election to publicly disclose their spending and fundraising. The two Democrats, Carl Holborn (appointed by the Assembly Democratic leader) and Martha Love (appointed by the Democratic Party) joined the three Republicans on the Board to defeat the proposal on May 19. However, the Elections Board will reconsider the reform rule at its September meeting. -- Rep. Black: Asks 2 Democrats to Reverse Votes, Approve Reform (press release via WisPolitics.com)