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American Indian group to encourage Indian voting rights

A group formed to encourage American Indian voting has ties to a defunct political action committee that gave more than $200,000 to the South Dakota Democratic Party.

''Some of the same people, obviously, were involved'' in both the Four Directions PAC and the Four Directions Committee, said Bret Healy, who runs the Four Directions Committee. Healy was executive director of the state Democratic Party at the time the PAC was operating.

The Four Directions Committee peppered the South Dakota Secretary of State's office with complaints of people being turned away from the polls during the June 1 primary and special U.S. House election.

Records from The Institute on Money in State Politics state that the Four Directions PAC gave $224,500 to the state Democratic Party and $1,750 to a legislative candidate. Federal Election Commission records indicate the PAC was organized in April 2003 and dissolved March 3, 2004. -- Get-out-the-vote group, former political action committee linked (AP via AberdeenNews.com)

No wrongdoing is alleged -- just "has ties to." I suppose the writer is surprised or shocked that political people know how to do different things from time to time.