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Nader won't make the Indiana ballot

Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader's name likely will not be on the Indiana ballot in November, his state coordinator said.

Dallas Stoner said Nader's Indiana committee has collected only about 9,000 of 30,000 signatures needed to get the candidate's name on general election ballots. The deadline to collect the required number of signatures is noon Wednesday. ...

Stoner said the Nader committee will continue to seek signatures until Wednesday's deadline. Once the deadline arrives, county officials will look at the signatures and determine if the local petitions carry legitimate voters' names. The secretary of state will then examine the numbers.

The candidate must then file a statement with the secretary of state by noon on July 15. -- Nader likely to miss Indiana ballot (AP via IndyStar.com)

Thanks to Taegan Goddard's Political Wire for the link.