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Green nominate Cobb; Nader's chances of ballot access dimmed

The Green Party of the United States rebuffed efforts by Ralph Nader to win its endorsement for president by voting Saturday to make David Cobb, a longtime party activist, its 2004 presidential candidate.

Mr. Cobb, 41, immediately reached out to Mr. Nader, who drew 3 percent of the national vote when he was the party's nominee in 2000, as well as to Mr. Nader's Green supporters, asking them to put what had been a raucous convention battle behind them. ...

Many Democrats have blamed Mr. Nader's 2000 candidacy for costing Al Gore, the Democratic nominee, the White House, since Mr. Nader drew more votes in some crucial states than the gap between Mr. Gore and President Bush. This image as a spoiler party is particularly irksome to Green leaders, who say it is false. -- Greens Pick a Candidate Not Named Nader (New York Times)