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Nader in Oregon and Washington

Ralph Nader made another bid Saturday to register as a presidential candidate in Oregon, where he has a chance to quickly get on the ballot in a state seen as one of roughly a dozen battleground states for the Nov. 2 election. ...

Nader is making his second attempt to bring 1,000 people together in a Portland high school to sign petitions to put him on the Oregon ballot, under a seldom-used provision of state electoral law for independent candidates. Anybody can sign regardless of party affiliation. An earlier attempt in April drew only 751 people.

By 6:30 p.m, low turnout seemed to put Nader's chances in doubt a second time. Elections officials said they had counted 1,150 people when the convention convened, leaving little margin for signatures that are later invalidated. ...

Republican-leaning groups had urged conservatives to attend and put the former Green Party leader on the ballot to foil Kerry's chances.

And on Saturday, a county Democratic spokesman asked Democrats to attend to take up seats in the hall while not signing the petition supporting Nader's candidacy.

"We need as many Oregon Democrats as possible to fill that room and NOT sign that petition," Multnomah County Democratic Party communications director Moses Ross wrote an e-mail sent to Democrats in the county. -- Nader makes second try at Oregon ballot (AP via Longview Daily News)

Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader was scheduled to hold his Washington state nominating convention on the University of Washington campus Sunday night.

To make it on the ballot in Washington, third-party candidates have to gather 200 signatures at a nominating convention held sometime between the last Saturday in June and the first Saturday in July. -- Nader holds Wash. state nominating convention (AP via KING5.com)