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The Moby Dick of Hawai'i

It's been called the most ambitious attempt in Hawai'i history to clean up an ingrained culture of political corruption. Others see it as an obsessive hunt for Moby Dick that's mostly coming up dry.

Or maybe a little of both.

The mammoth criminal investigation of Mayor Jeremy Harris' campaign finances has spanned nearly 30 months, 40 suspects, hundreds of subpoenas and a seemingly endless paper trail detailing crooked contributions. ...

And although investigators have searched high and low for evidence of an illicit link between campaign cash and city contracting, no connection has been proven or even alleged in court.

Still, the investigation has ripped the lid off one of Hawai'i's open secrets, firmly establishing that a campaign was illegally bankrolled with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many believe it wasn't the first time. -- Probe of Harris' campaign finances far from over (Honolulu Advertiser)