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ActBlue makes it possible for anyone to fundraise for their own list of Democratic candidates, just like MoveOnPAC, EMILY's List, and other great Democratic organizations. Here's how it works, in brief:

1. Register and create a list of candidates. (We currently support all Democratic candidates for U.S. House and Senate, and John Kerry, of course; we'll be adding candidates for state offices as well.)

2. You get a web page displaying your list. Add your own language talking about the races and advocating for your choice of candidates.

3. Use your e-mail, website, blog, etc. to direct people to your page, where they can donate to your candidates with a single credit card transaction. We receive and disburse the earmarked funds, and handle all the reporting and accounting requirements.

4. You get reports on how much you've raised.

And you can create as many lists as you like, of course.