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FEC levies big fines in Oklahoma

After an investigation that lasted more than five years and implicated dozens of people connected to Gene Stipe and his former law firm, the Federal Election Commission announced Thursday that it had levied $569,500 in fines against those most involved in illegally funneling Stipe's money to Walt Roberts' 1998 congressional campaign.

Stipe, who resigned his state Senate seat and gave up his law license last year after being charged criminally in the case, paid the largest fine, $267,000. Combined with his fine in the criminal case, Stipe paid $1,002,567 to the federal government for his schemes to get around the federal limits on campaign contributions.

The Stipe Law Firm, which illegally helped Roberts' campaign in numerous ways, paid a fine of $101,000. -- Stipe hit with additional fines from FEC(NewsOK.com)