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Nader off the Arizona ballot; will try write-in

Bump and update: Richard Winger reminds me that the lede of this Arizona Republic article is incorrect: Michael Badnarik, the Libertarian nominee, is the third name on the Arizona ballot.


Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader removed his name from the Nov. 2 ballot, turning the Grand Canyon State into a one-on-one fight between President Bush and Democratic Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry.

The surprising move in court Friday should make Arizona even more of a battleground state this fall where both parties will campaign aggressively for swing voters.

Nader's legal team conceded that because of too many "technical errors," he would not have the required 14,694 signatures needed to get on the Arizona ballot. A Nader volunteer said the litigious battle would have been too expensive. ...

Mike Spreadbury, the Maricopa County coordinator for Nader ... said that the Nader campaign will now try to get the longtime consumer advocate on the ballot with a write-in campaign. He remains on the ballot in six other states, according to his campaign. -- Nader off Arizona ballot (Arizona Republic)