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CFI study on convention financing

The Campaign Finance Institute says: In the first election cycle after soft money contributions to national political parties were banned, convention city "host committees" are raising at least $103.5 million in unlimited private donations for the party nominating conventions - twelve times what they raised for the 1992 conventions - with much of it coming from traditional soft money sources.

This finding is the starting point for a major new study co-authored by the Campaign Finance Institute's Steve Weissman and Ruth Hassan, "The $100 Million Exemption: Soft Money and the 2004 National Party Conventions." The study challenges the assumptions that underlie the Federal Election Commission's exemption of political convention host committees from restrictions in federal campaign finance law.

New research findings show that this money - contrary to the FEC's rationale - does not flow only from the apolitical civic or commercial motives of host city givers. A significant portion of the fundraisers and donors are major political players who are making substantial political contributions to parties and candidates. -- Press release of Campaign Finance Institute