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Nader petitions offered for sale to Nevada Democratic Party

AP reports: Signed petitions to put Ralph Nader on the presidential ballot in Nevada were offered for sale to the state's Democratic Party in a ploy to keep the independent candidate out of the race, the party claimed Thursday.

Democratic Party spokesman Jon Summers said the party was offered the signatures by Stan Vaughan, an independent candidate for the state Assembly. Vaughan had been freelancing a petition-gathering effort without the Nader campaign's knowledge and later became upset when the national campaign wouldn't accept his efforts.

Vaughan offered to sell 14,000 signatures to the Democrats in a move "to keep Nader off the ballot," Summers said. "We rejected it. ... We weren't comfortable with it."

In an initial interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Vaughan denied offering to sell his signatures. However, e-mails sent from his personal address to both the Nader campaign and the state Democratic Party suggest otherwise. -- Claims focus on Nevada petitions for Nader (AP via Reno Gazette-Journal)

For background on the Nevada-Nader saga, see Politics1 (scroll down to "Nader rolls snake eyes in big Nevada gamble" on 8 July.