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Ohio candidates using blogs

AP reports: Political newcomer Jeff Seemann didn't have a campaign phone number, office or staff when he started his House race three months ago against longtime Republican incumbent Ralph Regula.

Then the Ohio Democrat started posting comments on Internet journals, known as Web logs or "blogs," and paid to advertise on a popular Democratic Web log.

Now Seemann has more than $25,000, an office -- with a phone number -- and a staff of 10, including four people who were attracted to his campaign through the Internet. While Regula has nearly four times as much, despite not having a campaign Web site, the money gives Seemann a chance to get his message out.

A small but growing number of candidates, political parties and activists across the country are using the new technology of blogging to recruit volunteers, raise money and connect with voters. -- Candidates, parties use ‘blogs’ to gain voters, money (AP via cantonrep.com)