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What happens if the presidential candidate is killed?

Charlie Savage wrote on 9 May in the Boston Globe: WORST-CASE SCENARIO number one: It's the night before Election Day. Across America, voters turn on their televisions hoping to catch the final hours of the presidential campaign and instead hear the awful news. In coordinated attacks, terrorists have killed their favored candidates for both president and vice president. Now what?

Worst-case scenario number two: It's the day after Election Day and voters have clearly chosen the next president. Across America, local party members are making plans to travel to their state capitals and cast their usually ceremonial Electoral College votes when both members of the winning ticket are assassinated. What happens next?

The answer in both cases -- and several equally unpleasant variants: Nobody knows. ...

A small but growing group of constitutional scholars, election specialists, and lawmakers argue that we need to extend that sober conversation to include the almost unspeakable: a direct attack on the candidates themselves. -- Chaos theory (Boston Globe)