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GOP to pay 30% commission on donations thru websites

The New York Times reports: Howard Dean, move over. In a nod to the successful online fund-raising of Mr. Dean and other Democrats, the Republican National Committee will this month start paying Web site owners who raise donations for the party through their sites.

The program is open to operators of Web sites registered at Commission Junction, a technology company that helps advertisers reach Web page publishers. The committee will pay Web sites amounts equal to 30 percent of the donations they raise as a commission, according to Commission Junction's Web site.

The arrangement is the latest effort by political parties to expand fund-raising on the Internet. Internet sites and e-mail messages as political fund-raising vehicles are often cheaper and faster than traditional mass mailings and telephone campaigns. At times, they can be more effective.

The Republican National Committee will decide whether to maintain the program after comparing the results with other fund-raising efforts, a spokeswoman for the committee, Christine Iverson, said. She did not say when that comparison would be made. -- The New York Times > Business > G.O.P. Hopes Web Sites Will Be a Link to the Small Donor (New York Times)