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Bell will ask Ethics Committee to review Enron emails about DeLay

AP reports: Rep. Chris Bell, D-Texas, who filed an ethics complaint against House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, says e-mails between Enron officials bolster his charges that DeLay illegally solicited and accepted political contributions and should be investigated.

Bell said he will ask House ethics committee members to review the e-mails before deciding whether to launch a formal investigation of the Texas Republican based on the complaint Bell filed last month.

DeLay has repeatedly dismissed Bell's charges, saying Bell is bitter because he lost his re-election bid in March. Republicans have said Democrats are behind the complaint. ...

Bell said the e-mail to Lay, and another sent July 24, 2000 to another senior Enron official, "point to Mr. DeLay's very hands-on involvement" in raising corporate money for his effort to redraw Texas' congressional district boundaries so more Republicans could be elected to the U.S. House.

DeLay has not been accused of wrongdoing by prosecutors nor has he been subpoenaed. The Texas prosecutor leading the investigation has said DeLay is not its target, but he also has said no corporation or individual has been cleared. -- Lawmaker says Enron e-mails bolster case against DeLay (AP via DallasNews.com)