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Nader seeking 15,000 petitions in Oregon

AP reports: Worried that Ralph Nader's most recent attempt to qualify for the Oregon presidential ballot might fail, his backers are switching tactics - but they are running out of time.

At a one-day convention in Portland on June 26, under state election law Nader needed 1,000 signatures to make it onto the state's presidential ballot.

The assembly attracted about 1,150 people, but Nader's backers are worried they won't be able to come up with 1,000 valid signatures from among those who attended.

As a fall-back position, his Oregon campaign said Monday it is about to try another option available under state law - a petition effort across the state to gather 15,000 signatures for his independent candidacy, or 18,900 signatures for him to form a new party that could nominate him for the ballot.

The 15,000-signature option is legally questionable, however, because Nader's running mate, Peter Camejo, is a member of the Green Party. Under that option of Oregon law, both Nader and his running mate are supposed to be political independents. -- Worried about failure, Nader backers try another tactic (AP via Albany Democrat-Herald)