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Michigan roadblock for Nader

The Detroit Free Press reports: Ralph Nader's presidential campaign thought it was on track to put him on Michigan's ballot as the Reform Party candidate.

But there's more than one Reform Party. And until they decide who's in charge, Nader can't be the candidate of either, says Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land.

The confusion means that for now, Nader is out of the presidential race in Michigan, unless supporters, including state Republicans,gather the minimum 30,000 petition signatures to put the consumer activist on the November ballot. The state GOP admits it hopes having Nader on the ballot siphons votes away from Democrat John Kerry. ...

Nader's name was submitted on June 25 to Land as the official candidate of the Reform Party of Michigan. The document was signed by John Muntz, who identified himself as the Reform Party chairman. The letter also was signed by Eleanor Renfrew as the Reform Party secretary.

But Matthew Crehan, not Muntz, is the Reform Party of Michigan chairman. Muntz is chairman of the Independence Party of Michigan, according to Secretary of State records. -- 2 Reform parties, but no candidate (Detroit Free Press)