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Nader gathers petitions in West Virginia

The Charleston Gazette reports: A mysterious pair of men were gathering signatures on a petition Monday outside the Kroger store on Charleston's West Side -- apparently in an effort to get independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader on West Virginia's ballot in November.

One of the men told at least two people, including a Gazette reporter, that the petitions were not for Nader. But Nader supporters were gathering signatures outside a Dunbar Kroger store on Sunday, and one woman at the West Side Kroger said she saw the petitions, and they were for Nader.

Helen Lanham said one of the men asked her if she was a registered voter and whether she would sign a petition to "get a minority on the ballot." She asked who it was, and they "hemmed and hawed" and wouldn't tell her.

They had the name of the candidate covered up with a pencil on the petition, Lanham said. She said she moved the pencil aside and saw it was for Nader. -- Signature gatherers try to hide Naderís name on petitions (The Charleston Gazette)