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Arizona petitions filed on Monday after Sunday deadline are OK

The East Valley Tribune Online reports: A Maricopa County [Arizona] Superior Court judge ruled Wednesday that petitions opposing a proposed sevenstory building in Chandler were filed in a timely manner -- allowing voters to decide on whether the building belongs near a residential area.

Judge Mark Armstrong ruled that because the final day for filing the referendum petitions landed on Sunday, June 13, and state law considers Sundays as holidays, then June 14 became the deadline.

Attorney Lisa Hauser filed the lawsuit June 29 on behalf of Chandler resident Charles Shipley alleging City Clerk Marla Paddock had accepted the petitions a day after the 30-day deadline.

Hauser, who was paid by the building's developer J.F. McKinney, said she was not expecting the ruling.

"We're pretty stunned, surprised and disappointed," Hauser said. "I think the law is clearer than the judge's order lets on." -- Seven-story building on ballot in Chandler (East Valley Tribune Online)