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Nader minus Camejo petitioning in Oregon

AP reports: Ralph Nader's Oregon campaign was cleared Friday to circulate petitions statewide, the third effort to get him on the state's presidential election ballot.

State elections officials gave the go-ahead after Nader supporters picked a "stand-in" running mate in Oregon for the independent presidential candidate because of the state's election requirements.

Backers now have to collect and turn in 15,306 validated voter signatures by Aug. 24 to put Nader on the Nov. 2 ballot.

State Elections Director John Lindback refused to approve a proposed petition Friday that included Nader's national vice presidential running mate, Peter Camejo, because Camejo is a Green Party member.

Oregon law requires that independent candidates be registered as independents at least 180 days before the Aug. 24 deadline, Lindback said. -- Nader ballot effort in Oregon gets green light (AP via The Olympian)