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Nader may challenge lack of Camejo in Oregon

The Oregonian reports: Independent Ralph Nader launched a new petition drive Friday in his troubled quest to make the presidential ballot in Oregon.

The Nader campaign submitted the new petition after a weeklong legal dispute with state elections officials over whether his vice presidential candidate, Peter Camejo, also could be listed on the ballot.

The Nader campaign agreed finally to include instead a stand-in for Camejo in Oregon -- a legal assistant who works for Nader's chief organizer here. ...

State Elections Director John Lindback said Camejo could not be listed as Nader's running mate because he has not been a registered independent for the last 180 days. Camejo has instead been a prominent member of the Green Party in California, where he ran for governor under the party's banner last year.

Kafoury said the Nader campaign thinks the requirement is unconstitutional and indicated he would challenge it legally. Meanwhile, Kafoury said one of his legal assistants, Sandra Kucera, will be listed in Oregon as Nader's running mate. --
Oregon Nader backers begin ballot signature campaign (The Oregonian)

Thanks to Richard Winger for pointing me to this article.