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GOP accuses Michigan Dems of "off-shoring" the Nader petition-checking

AP reports: The state Republican Party on Tuesday said a contractor working for the Michigan Democratic Party is outsourcing work to India as he checks the validity of signatures putting presidential candidate Ralph Nader on the ballot.

The accusation came on the same day that Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry released new ads pledging his economic plan would begin by "putting an end to tax incentives that are encouraging American companies to ship jobs overseas."

In Tuesday's salvo, the state GOP said Mark Grebner of Practical Political Consulting in East Lansing has sent digital copies of the Nader petitions to a data entry firm in India. Grebner refused to confirm or deny the accusation, or to say where the work is being done on the Nader petitions. -- Republicans say Democratic contractor outsourced work on Nader petitions (AP via freep.com)