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Michigan candidate may have misused the Millionaire's Amendment

AP reports: Brad Smith, who is one of six Republicans running for a Michigan congressional seat, may have violated campaign finance law when he used a new provision called the Millionaire's Amendment to boost fund-raising.

A legal opinion written by the Federal Election Commission suggests Smith loaned his campaign too much money to be eligible for the Millionaire's Amendment. ...

One of Smith's opponents, former state Sen. John "Joe" Schwarz, soon filed a complaint with the FEC. The FEC hasn't yet ruled on that complaint, but FEC spokeswoman Kelly Huff said an advisory opinion written for a Senate case last year says a candidate's eligibility is based on the total amount loaned, not the amount reached when the candidate repays some of the loan.

"The fact that (the candidate) may subsequently receive reimbursement ... for those expenses does not change their character as expenditures from personal funds," the opinion said. -- Smith may have violated campaign finance law (AP via Lansing State Journal)