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Nader seeks Pennsylvania ballot spot

AP reports: Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader needs at least 25,697 signatures to get on Pennsylvania's ballot for the Nov. 2 general election, and his campaign workers say they are on track to get there. ...

[Dan Hayward, executive director of Pennsylvania's Republican Party] Hayward said that, to his knowledge, there is no organized effort among Pennsylvania's Republicans to get Nader on the ballot, although he said he wouldn't be surprised if Republicans sign a Nader petition.

The state's Democratic party will not mount an organized challenge to a Nader petition, [T.J.] Rooney [chairman of Pennsylvania's Democratic Party] said, but he expects Democratic-leaning groups to challenge it.

The Nader campaign faces an Aug.2 deadline to submit its signatures, and campaign spokesman Dan Martino said he expects to compile at least 40,000. After that, there's a week to file a protest of the petition to the state's appellate Commonwealth Court. -- Nader could play role in Pa. election (AP via Centre Daily Times)