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Defenders of Arizona 'clean elections' file suit over ballot description

Capitol Media Services reports: Supporters of public financing of [Arizona] campaigns have gone to court to force a new description of a ballot measure which would defund the system.

Legal papers filed Tuesday in Maricopa County Superior Court contend that the description of Proposition 106 uses the "politically charged and inflammatory term 'taxpayer money' " to describe what sources of cash the measure would eliminate for funding political races. That, according to the the lawsuit, violates the legal requirement to provide an impartial analysis of all ballot measures.

Charles Blanchard, who represents the group working to defeat Proposition 106 also says the description, prepared by the Legislative Council, "inaccurately and misleadingly describes the effect of one of the key provisions of Proposition 106."

The lawsuit asks the court to direct the council, made up of state lawmakers, to recraft the description and delete the words the attorneys find offensive.

Whatever the trial judge decides is unlikely to be the final word: Prior disputes over ballot wording traditionally have had to be resolved ultimately by the Arizona Supreme Court. -- Lawsuit filed over ballot description of Prop 106 (Capitol Media Services via Arizona Daily Sun)