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While Dems raise money for 527's, GOP'ers keep the money and the message in the company

AdAge.com reports: ExxonMobil, PPG Industries, Caterpillar, Household International and half the Fortune 100 corporations have signed on with a program that pushes their
companies' views of political candidates to employees via Web sites and interoffice e-mails.

The Business Industry Political Action Committee's "Prosperity Project" program targets 20 million employees in battleground states. The committee is especially concerned about confirmation of pro-business judges and has focused most of its attention on congressional races.

Greg Casey, president-CEO of BIPAC, said the group does not tell employees to vote for a particular candidate. "We tell [businesses]: 'Don't tell [employees] how to vote. Tell them how the issues impact them.'"

"A person's employer is the single most credible source of job-related information," Mr. Casey said, adding that "there is an affinity between working folks and their employer." -- OFFICE E-MAIL USED TO MARKET POLITICAL VIEWS TO EMPLOYEES (AdAge.com)