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Nader says Illinois state workers were checking his petitions illegally

The Illinois Leader reports: Charged with possible violation of state laws prohibiting use of state employees to do political work, House Speaker Mike Madigan (D-Chicago) refuses to provide state employee time sheets to the Nader for President campaign.

Nader's campaign alleges state workers were used to challenge signatures on their presidential candidate's petition for placement on the November ballot. The campaign filed a freedom of information request to obtain documentation, but was denied. ...

In her letter to Madigan, [Christina] Tobin wrote, “I am making this request because these employees signed into either the Chicago Board of Elections’ Office or the Cook County Clerk’s Office to check the validity of petition signatures for Mr. Nader. The Nader petition defense team would like to know if these individuals were or were not being paid by the Illinois taxpayers to do this political work."

“Since it is in the public interest for outsiders to know whether employees of the Speaker’s Office have violated state law, I ask that any fees be waived in that public interest,” she said. -- Nader campaign denied access to state employee time sheets (Illinois Leader)