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Why Judge Minge should be on the ballot

AP reports: Blocking Judge David Minge from seeking re-election to his Minnesota Court of Appeals seat would allow his opponent to manipulate the election process, a state lawyer argued in response to a lawsuit challenging Minge's ballot qualifications.

Deputy Attorney General Kris Eiden asked the Supreme Court to dismiss a petition attempting to remove Minge from the ballot on residency grounds. The lawsuit was filed by a Republican activist who is upset that Minge no longer lives in the region for which the seat is reserved. ...

Eiden wrote that the activist, Bonn Clayton, has ties to Minge's sole challenger, Shakopee attorney Paul Ross. She alleges that the two conspired with others to ensure Ross' election. Clayton didn't sue until after the window for filing for offices closed, Eiden noted. ...

Eiden responded that the new political map was meant to apply to future elections and didn't cover Minge at the time of his appointment.

The Supreme Court, which referees election law disputes, has not set a date for hearing or acting on the lawsuit. -- Court given pro-Minge argument (AP via St. Paul Pioneer Press)

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