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Dems to challenge Nader petitions in Pennsylvania

The Philadelphia Daily News reports: Democrats from the state House of Representatives on Monday will challenge Ralph Nader's petitions for a place on the Pennsylvania presidential ballot in November.

Mike Manzo, chief of staff to House Minority Leader Bill DeWeese, said party volunteers are prepared to comb through the thousands of petition signatures Nader is expected to submit Monday, the state deadline.

They will be looking for any violations of state election law.

Nader needs 25,697 signatures from registered voters statewide to qualify for the ballot. His campaign says it is shooting to collect 40,000 signatures to be safe.

"There will be a challenge, no question about it," Manzo said. "If he has enough valid signatures to stay on the ballot, then God bless him. If he doesn't, he's off." -- Dems challenging Nader's bid in Pa. (Philadelphia Daily News)