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It took 3 years to notice a $200,000 embezzlement

The Los Angeles Times reports: The FBI and the Federal Election Commission were told recently that a former campaign finance director for Rep. Lois Capps (D-Santa Barbara) allegedly embezzled $200,000 from the congresswoman's reelection campaign.

Campaign officials with Friends of Lois Capps said they informed the federal agencies as soon as they could confirm the financial discrepancies through an audit. The embezzlement allegedly took place over three years.

Jennifer Severance, a former resident of Santa Barbara who now lives in Boise, Idaho, has not been charged with any crime. But she has repaid $50,000 to Friends of Lois Capps and signed an agreement to repay $150,000 more, campaign spokesmen said.

Her attorney, Tom McCabe, would not discuss details of the allegation but said his client "deeply regrets this situation ever arose, and she entered into counseling to deal with this issue." He confirmed that she has come up with a repayment schedule. -- Ex-Campaign Worker Accused of Embezzling (Los Angeles Times)