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Nader submits Pennsylvania petitions

AP reports: Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader beat a Monday deadline and submitted nominating papers bearing what campaign workers said were enough signatures to get the consumer activist on Pennsylvania's ballot.

Nader's spokesman Justin McVay said the campaign had compiled about 50,000 signatures, almost double the 25,697 signatures required for independent candidates in the Nov. 2 election in Pennsylvania, a battleground state. ...

Bureau [of Commissions, Elections and Legislation] workers planned to examine the petitions to determine whether the campaign had enough signatures, said Brian McDonald, a spokesman for the Department of State, which oversees the bureau.

If the bureau does bless the petitions, Democrats would have a week to file a protest in Commonwealth Court in an effort to prove that the Nader campaign did not compile valid information for 25,697 registered Pennsylvania voters. -- Nader submits petition for Pa. ballot (AP via CentreDaily.com)