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Texas Speaker's PAC raised $108,900 from corporations

AP reports: Friends and family of House Speaker Tom Craddick have raised $108,900 in donations from corporations to aid a political committee designed to help the speaker.

Corporate and union money is banned from political campaigns in Texas, but state law allows such money to be used to pay the administrative costs such as office rent, phones and accountants of a political action committee.

The committee, Stars Over Texas PAC, has raised $33,250 from individual donors but has garnered three times that amount from corporations including a $100,000 check from AT&T, according to state filings.

The committee's fund raising comes as the activities of another Republican political action committee - Texans for a Republican Majority - is under investigation for how it spent corporate contributions. A GOP spokesman said there is no reason for concern. -- Corporations gave $108,900 to Craddick PAC (AP via Fort Worth Star-Telegram)