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Missouri Dems sued over provisional voting restrictions

AP reports: The Missouri Democratic Party has sued Republican Secretary of State Matt Blunt, claiming voters who cast provisional ballots in the August primary at the wrong polling places should have had their votes counted anyway.

The party claims that state law, which Blunt enforces as the state's chief elections official, conflicts with the federal Help America Vote Act. ...

Provisional ballots are used when a voter's eligibility cannot be determined when the person shows up to vote. Provisional ballots can be used only for federal and statewide candidates and issues, not local contests.

State law says that registered voters who cast provisional ballots at the wrong polling place cannot have their votes counted.

Federal law says people should be allowed to cast a provisional ballots if they affirm they are registered voters in that jurisdiction, but also specifies that election officials should count such votes only if voters are eligible "under state law." -- State Democratic Party sues over voting issue (AP via KansasCity.com)