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Congressman Alexander switch in time (or was it?)

Did Cong. Rodney Alexander foul up under Louisiana's election code by his qualification as a Democrat then reregistering as a Republican and requalifiying to run for re-election? Seems there is provision that seems to forbid the Congressman's ploy:

Notice of candidacy; financial statements; political advertising; penalties

A.(1)(a) A notice of candidacy shall be in writing and shall state the candidate's name, the office he seeks, the address of his domicile, the parish, ward, and precinct where he is registered to vote, and the political party, if any, with which he is registered as being affiliated. No candidate shall change or add his political party designation, for purposes of printing on the election ballot as required by R.S. 18:551(D), after he has qualified for the election.

Daily Kos has a story and an update on the lawsuit pending about all this. The update is particularly interesting. Take a look at some of the comments (ignore the usual chatter of the monkeys).

Remember this is in Louisiana with its unusual primary/general election. All candidates -- regardless of party -- qualify for the same ballot and may have their party printed on the ballot line. Multiple candidates from the same party are allowed.

Of course, the problem is that there is no Democrat running, and there is a Republican -- other than Alexander in both cases.