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Judge upholds Alabama Democratic Party's disqualification of former Republican candidate

The [Alabama] state Democratic Party had the authority to disqualify Bessemer lawyer Ginette Dow as the party's nominee for a district judgeship in Bessemer, a judge ruled Friday.

Montgomery County Circuit Judge William Shashy ... ruled that the Democratic Party "clearly had jurisdiction" to determine whether Dow was a qualified candidate under its rules.

Dennis Bailey, representing Dow, argued at a hearing Wednesday that the Democratic Party didn't follow state law because a sworn challenge to Dow's candidacy wasn't filed within 24 hours of the party declaring her the Democratic nominee, on April 7, and because no bond was posted.

In his order Friday, Shashy agreed with Bobby Segall, an attorney for the state Democratic Party. Segall argued that the legal requirements cited by Bailey refer to contests after an election, not to challenges filed before an election. --
Judge: Candidate disqualification OK (Birmingham News)