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Minnesota Supreme Court leaves Judge Minge on the ballot

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports: The Minnesota Supreme Court today denied a request to strike Judge David Minge's name from election ballots in the November race for his state Court of Appeals seat.

A lawsuit filed on behalf of a Republican activist argued that Minge, who fills a court seat set aside for a resident of the 2nd Congressional District, never lived in that south suburban district after Minnesota's congressional map was redrawn in spring 2002.

When he was appointed, Minge lived in Montevideo, part of previous 2nd District boundaries. He now lives in St. Paul. Minge is a former Democratic congressman from the old 2nd District in southwestern Minnesota.

A key issue in the case is whether the redistricting, at least for the purpose of Court of Appeals seats, took effect immediately -- before Minge's appointment became effective -- or at the end of 2002, when the terms of members of Congress expired. -- Supreme Court keeps Minge on ballot (St. Paul Pioneer Press)