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SEIU sues to keep anti-immigrant initiative off the Arizona ballot

AP reports: A labor union filed a lawsuit Friday that could keep Arizonans from getting a chance to vote on an initiative that would require proof of citizenship when registering to vote or when seeking social services.

The Service Employees International Union's suit asks that the state be ordered to keep Proposition 200 off the November ballot. The union also asked that Maricopa County, the state's most populous county, be prohibited from printing its ballot until the issue is resolved.

The lawsuit contends that the petition description of the initiative was inadequate because it didn't mention the initiative would create a new crime and that Secretary of State Jan Brewer should have checked the eligibility of people who circulated the petitions.

Some of the same circulators were found to be ineligible when they collected signatures for independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader in his unsuccessful bid to qualify for Arizona's ballot, the lawsuit said. -- Suit seeks to block immigration initiative (AP via Casa Grande Valley Newspapers Inc.)